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They told me last night I didn’t know what respect was.

Respect, I know the song, I can sing it in an off tune and let myself pretend like I am wise beyond my years and give respect to everyone and everything. But, my roommates told me otherwise. As if they know what it means to respect, I’m not so sure they do. But if they do, I applaud them.

Because I apparently don’t know.

I’ve learned last night i’m still hurt and a horrible person because I don’t want to be best friends with two of the girls i live with. Friends vs Room mates, they asked if the reason I didn’t invite them out was because they weren’t artsy enough.

I’m an art student, I have paint brushes sticking out of my bookbag and paint stains on my shirts. But ask me if i choose artsy friends over sceince geeks, is like asking if the sun sets every night, it’s ridiculous, because even though the sun sets every night, I do not choose my friends based on if they are artsy or not.

Personalities are what attracts us to certain people. Our personalities clash, they are smart, intelligent studious people, I’d rather relax and spend my time watching the sun set rather than learning the different organic chemistry chemicals. I’m one for nature and life, rather than ambition and goals. What is a goal? But a let down? I’d rather die happy and stress free, than rich and wise. Curse me, belittle me, I am after all naive and young.

But, don’t tell me that I don’t respect. Because I know the meaning of respect, and I know the reason behind their fights and anger. Jealousy is a harsh word, but in the end, I have done nothing but been who I am. A personality they clash with. Are we friends? Friends like Bush and Clinton, but nothing more than that. You can tell me I’m evil, you can tell the truth, because I know it. So be it. I am not all sweet and innocent, I’m realistic. We are who we are, and I respect them for being who they are. But I am not here to change their opinion of me, or to fix a friendship that never really was there. So be it. I am what I am, as harsh as that may be for them, I don’t think it’s worth the effort to pretend to fix it. When I know, in a couple months, they will do the same thing, attack me for something else. Something else that is wrong with the way I act.

early morning daze

under the western stars

It's got to be so strange to have all these people thinking that they know who you are, when they don't.